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Author: Pearl Foxx
Series: Cyn City Cyborgs
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Length: 200 Pages
Purchase Options: Available Free in KU.  $0.99 until March 25th.
Series Schedule: Enver - May 2018, Mason - June 2018
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Tag Line: Temptation, thy name is cyborg.

About Cyn City Cyborgs: This science fiction cyborg dystopian romance series contains lots of action, alpha males, fierce women, and steamy romance. If you love bad boys who love as hard as they fight, then this series is for you! Guaranteed happily-ever-afters with no cliffhangers.


"I promise. Not all of me's made of metal."

A cyborg with a mysterious and dangerous past.
A naive girl fleeing the dying farmlands to forge her own future.

Chance has fought his entire life, first for survival in the streets of Cyn City and later for money and prestige in the underground Cyborg Fight League. His fists and cybernetic arm have solved almost every problem he’s ever faced, except for love. After losing the love of his life, he never thought he’d find someone again.

Verity left behind everything she knows to start a new future in Cyn City.  But her Ecovangalit upbringing left her unprepared for the hard realities of life amongst the criminals and cyborgs. When a dangerous cyborg with a bad reputation proves to be the only person she can trust, can she lower her walls enough to let him in?

As Verity finds herself in debt to the wrong kind of man who will sell her body as fast as he will sell her soul, Chance is the only one who can clear her ledger, but only if he'll fight in the Cyborg Underground Circuit again.

Is Chance strong enough to win the only fight that ever mattered?

Author Bio

Pearl Foxx is the author of Science Fiction Romances with hot Alpha Males and surprising twists you will never want to stop reading. Join in the fun by signing up for her newsletter at

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